The Work Set

The Work Set

Lets bring some positive energy into the work enviorment!

The Good Soul Work Set will bring a balancing, calm, and succesful energy into yuour work space. Carry them in one of our travel pouches or leave them at your desk.


This set will include the following crystals:


Black Tourmaline - Eliminates negative energy to positive energy.


Citrine - Stone of success.


Tigers Eye - Stone of focus, allow tigers eye to keep things flowing as you focus on the issues at hand.


Green Aventurine - Lucky Stone it also neutralizes stress and anxiety from the work space allowing you to stay calm.


Amazonite - Helps aid in effective communication. Will also bring a balancing energy to keep you grounded.


Amethyst - Works on a high vibrational plane, meaning it will allow you to see things from both sides so you wont get so wrapped up in things and lose focus.


Selenite Wand - Will clear any bad energy circulating around you.